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What: ExtraHop Networks, Seattle

Who: Jesse Rothstein, 34, founder and CEO

Mission: Provide IT directors with an adjustable map of their computer network, with the ability to get a long-range view and to zoom in on specific areas.

Short cuts: Rothstein starts with a familiar metaphor: “Our product is like Google Maps for the network,” he said. “We can watch everything from 10,000 feet or drill down to examine specific details. The network is the piece of IT infrastructure that touches everyone, so when problems occur they can be difficult to diagnose.”

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Employees: 10 full time, plus contractors

Financials: The private company, which has raised $1.5 million in venture funding, has no target profitability date. Rather than operating on a monthly service model, ExtraHop’s product is a client owned-and-operated box deployed in a data center.

Data ecosystem: As with nature, a network can have an unexpected reaction to a new animal in the forest. In this case, added software can ultimately degrade the network. ExtraHop helps to find and correct these anomalies and extend the practical life of the network. This could be a valuable time and money saver.

Universal language: Technology has become part of modern life, but Rothstein says not everyone speaks geek. “Talking about what I do doesn’t make the best cocktail-party conversation,” he said. “But people understand the things we do help to keep the Internet running.”

Home sweet network: Since introducing the product in December, Rothstein said the company has attained a new level of excitement. “I’ve always wanted to work with a startup,” he said. “I am passionate about solving business problems.” This is enhanced by the locale, as “Seattle is a great place for startups. We have a world-class talent, access to capital and a great community.”

— Charles Bermant

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